Seumpama is a Jakarta based book-studio that creates, shares, and publishes books. It aims to push the quality of our interactions with books and readings through narratives and imagery.

What started as a book project among two friends ended up becoming an endless exploration of books, readings, and the interaction it provides for humans. Ninit merely wanted to have more options for local children book for her new-born daughter when she turned to Rassi, one of her closest friends, who have always wanted to have her own bookstore. That afternoon coffee-talk was the beginning of Seumpama. Along the way, our old friend Amel kept coming to every single pop-ups and meeting we had. She came with her oohs and aahs for every single classic title we had, and in addition she's a very good consultant by profession. So we popped the question if she wanted to take part in this crazy adventure, and she said yes.

On December 2015, Seumpama meets the public with a curated selection of vintage classics and the launch of its first published book: Terbang.

Our raison d'être is a fusion of bookstore and publisher with a studio attitude: practice and errors are made to find new ways for sharing, creating, publishing, and interacting with stories. We try to find new ways to make stories and books remain relevant and fresh. Our humble brag is that we curate every piece of classics we bring and give a different angle of appreciating them: most are a one-copy-only in our collection; while our original published books attempt to come with stories that are important to be told. 


Seumpama is currently an online-based independent bookshop. To visit our collection click here. Our real book shelves will be available whenever we participate in various events.

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