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The Hunted Priest
by John Gerard
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Translated by Philip Caraman, this autobiography of a Jesuit priest in Elizabethan England is a remarkable document of its author, John Gerard. 

Disguised as a country gentleman, Fr. Gerard travelled about the country, preaching and ministering to the faithful in secret - always in constant danger. The houses in which he found shelter were frequently raided: priestholes, hide-outs and hair -breadth escapes were part of his daily life. He was imprisoned and later removed to the Towe of London. His escape, by means of a rope thrown across the moat, isa a daring and magnificent climax of a story that exceeds any fiction. Here is a picture of England when just to becoming a Catholic priest in England was a treason by Act of Parliament - a different angle of persecution that sadly is yet to diminish even in our world today.

This book epitomizes the constant struggle of all human beings through the ages to maintain their freedom. It is a book of courage and of conviction.

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