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by Gerald Clarke
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Enter Truman Capote life. The up close and personal view of thewriter/ playwright/ screenwriter/ larger than life character behind Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood. Capote has been writing seriously since he was eleven, spending almost three hours every day, after school, to write; just like how his friends would practice at home by taking their piano or violin lesson. He grew obsessed by it, and become one of the most influential voice of his generation, garnering fans and admiration from a 20-year-old Andy Warhol, whose first one-man show in New York was a collection of works inspired by Capote's writing. This book gets intimate to Capote's life like noone could ever be; not even Capote himself. 

"This man Gerald Clarke who's writing this book about me (...) He's really a very good writer. His book, it better be fantastic, beacause he's worked on it for eifht years. I've never known such research. This is the first book he's written. I don't want to read it, but he certainly knows more about me than anybody else, including myself." - Truman Capote 

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