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My Life and Hard Times
by James Thurber
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James Thurber is America's greatest genius of humour and is as much a phenomenon as the Grand Canyon; indeed, they might both be said to have a nightmare and fantastic unreality in common. Yet both are undeniably acts of Nature, which delight as well as amaze. This volume contains some of his maddest stories, such as The Night The Bed Fell and The Day The Dam broke, which will be the best of introductions to non-Thurber readers and a renewed delight to confirmed Thurberites. In a typical mood of self-deprecation Thurber once described his stories as 'mainly humorous but witha few kind-of-sad-ones mixed in'. But Thurber;s words are only half of the impact he makes. His drawings magnificently endorse his wit with their wistfulness and melancholy precision. To him all is absurdd yet understandable. He depicts in simple lines - and words - the pathetic, yet humorous, stupidities of the people of his day and age. Everybody, even Thurber himself, has tried to define his superlative mixture of inconsequence, absurdity, and irony - and everybody has failed, for the scenes and situations he presents belong to that hinterland between reality and fantasy where logic has no meaning.

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