The Bad Bunch

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The war with the North was over, but Texas was still a battleground. Outlaw bands ravaged whole towns, drenching the Border Country with blood. Deadliest of all was the silent band of knife-artists know as “The Bad Bunch”. The pattern was always the same when the Bad Bunch made their raids. They chose a time when there was a County Fair, or some such diversion, to take folks’ minds off the protection of property. Then they’d start a fire in another part of town, so that all the local lawmen and officials would have their hands full with that. Then, they’d move in on their chosen target.

It seemed quite easy for Dusty Fog, Mark Counter and the Ysabel Kid. All they had to do was to wait for a County Fair, watch out for a fire, and then make sure they were at the bank to stop the robbery. But even the floating outfit found the Bad Bunch a mite trickier than they’d expected!

John Thomas Edson, born in 1928, is an English author of 137 Westerns, escapism adventure, and police-procedural novels. If you are into reading #westerns with detailed research and meticulous description, here’s your treat.

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