The Hard Riders

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Their fame spread like wildfire through the West – a band of Texans who rode and fought together like brothers in the name of justice.

There was Mark Counter, the soft-spoken young giant whose dandy appearance belied a strength few men could match. Red Blaze, the young hothead, who when the chips were dowsn was as cool and deadly as any other. The Ysabel Kid, part Comanche, part French Creole, and all fighting man. Waco, the orphan boy, completely fearless and bent on proving himself in the eyes of his friends. And finally the small, insignificant-looking man who was their undisputed leader… Dusty Fog, the Rio Hondo gun-wizard, the fastest draw in Texas.

Those who had crossed them and lived to tell the tale were few. One thing was certain – they would never again underestimate a man who rode with the Floating Outfit

John Thomas Edson, born in 1928, is an English author of 137 Westerns, escapism adventure, and police-procedural novels. If you are into reading #westerns with detailed research and meticulous description, here’s your treat.

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