Seumpama personal pick for children’s book

In celebration of International Children’s Book Day, we choose books that influenced us growing up! (Yes, we are 90’s babies 😏)

We love children’s book (I mean it is obvious, right)! We grow up with bunch of children’s book and we want to share it with you

  1. Doraemon comic series
  2. Mallory Towers
  3. Matilda
  4. Candy Candy
  5. Lima Sekawan – The Famous Five
  6. Sailormoon (both the series and the comics😜)
  7. Lupus (This is @referika fav)
  8. Harry Potter (OBVIOUSLY)
  9. Flying Solo, Dahl
  10. Tin Tin comic series (@amel chose this one!)
  11. Topeng Kaca
  12. Kobo Chan
  13. Lucky Luke
  14. Smurf (This one is @rassi personal fav)

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