When It Rains Has Been Launched

The Emma Press has officially published When It Rains, the English translation of Waktu Hujan Turun, Seumpama’s original children book back in 2017. The award-winning independent publisher based in Birmingham has opened pre-order for the book since early 2019, and finally has published it last March 26th, 2019. They have secured the right and funding for the book’s translation and publishing through LitRi Translation Grant from the National Book Committee (Komite Buku Nasional) in 2018. The Emma Press is also translating The Adventure of Na Willa, by Reda Gaudiamo – originaly titled Na Willa, published by Post Press, Jakarta. The publication of When It Rains was also supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

The story was drafted and written in Jakarta, but interestingly the illustration was done in London while Rassi was visiting back in 2017.  The book was first launched at the end of the year and had its international debut at the 2018 Bologna Children Book Fair, with her other work, Terbang. 

We can’t be more excited for Rassi Narika that more young readers are encountering her stories and illustrations. Waktu Hujan Turun is inspired by her childhood, when she would sneak permission from her mother to go out and have a ‘rain shower’. She has always loved rain for its excitement and dramatic atmosphere. Despite the things people have said about rainy days, she has always been curioused and enticed by it.  “With her delightful artwork and enchanting words, Rassi Narika spins a story of discovery and hope that will brighten even the rainiest of days. The picture book tells the story of a girl and her adventures with her friends outside when it rains, inviting readers to see the world with new, curious eyes,” as quoted from The Emma Press.

Rassi Narika is also the illustrator of our third book, Cerita Eyang, launched last February.

When It Rains is available for order through The Emma Press’s site and also available at www.seumpama.com for limited amount.

When It Rains UK Tour 2019
(Updated) Segera Hadir: Cerita Eyang

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