Welcome to our new home!

Finally, the time has come! After working for more than 6 months, Seumpama finally has its new home. We know for sure that making our home comfortable and easy to access are crucial for our costumers. That is why, we have this new home for our you!

Some of our new features are:

  1. Mobile friendly – We believe this is one of the key for people to have more access to Seumpama collection. So, you can enjoy our collection anytime, anywhere with your phone
  2. Search, rating – With this feature, you can easily search any collection you want, with selected price and even age criteria! It means, easier shopping for you!
  3. Wishlist – This feature allows you to save your favourites! We know that sometimes you just cannot decide which author or books you want to buy first heheheheh
  4. Submission – Currently, we already have titles to be published in 2020. Hence don’t have any open call for script submission, but we are always open to consider works that we like and think matters for our readers. Since we are not doing any open call, we don’t have any deadline. But you can expect hearing from us two months after we first received your manuscript. Applicants are advised to submit complete applications to editor@seumpama.com
  5. Collaboration – We are always excited for collaboration. Again, we don’t have any particular boundaries on things that we can do together. We have been doing some collaboration projects that encourage children to have fun in reading and creating awareness amongst aspiring writers/ illustrator in the importance of producing quality children books. But, really, we’re quite open to different kinds of activities that let us explore storytelling and story-making in literacy context. Let us know if you’re interested in collaborating with us at hi@seumpama.com.

Do watch our update in our IG @seumpamabooks or FB Seumpama

We do hope our labor of love is well received and well-loved! Let us know if you have any feedback or anything about the website.

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